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Within a core area on the first floor an MCCB section panel is installed from which emanates our new sub-main cabling to the HSBC electrical intake room section panel.  A suitably sized pulsed meter has been installed to monitor the banks usage.  Adjacent to the new MCCB panel suitably metered TP&N distribution boards have been fitted to accommodate lighting, power, and mechanical services.  A single phase clean line distribution board has been fitted within the secure room area.  In the event of fire alarm activation an interface to the a/c panel has been incorporated to shut down the system.

The new lighting installation comprises of existing modular fittings, low energy recessed lights, and metal halide recessed lighting for marketing purposes and track lighting to the main banking area. Lighting control is provided with a multi-gang switch in the secure lobby for the customer areas, automatic motion sensors and further localised switches, key switch controls are located within the vicinity of emergency lights for routine testing of the self-contained units.  A morning entry lighting route has been incorporated comprising a key switch located adjacent the main entrance door, a PIR motion detector within the main banking hall with an override at the main multi-gang switch position.

The whole of the HSBC premises have been provided with emergency lighting so as to comply with the fire plan and relevant British standard. The whole system being designed to provide 3 hours of illumination.

A standalone conventional fire alarm panel system has been installed within the secure store area.  To provide both manual and automatic detection of the premises. The landlords fire control panel is located within the stair lobby which has been interfaced to sound in the event of the HSBC panel activating only.

Throughout the works a containment system has been installed for the installation of cables to serve CCTV, Alarm, and Network systems all in accordance with the requirements of the clients contractors.

Heating and cooling is provided throughout the offices and public areas from a number of ceiling cassettes and ceiling void mounted ducted units supplying a series of ceiling grilles.

An external air handling unit supplies fresh air to the offices and public spaces via the cassettes or ceiling grilles.  Air is extracted via ceiling grilles back to the unit which incorporates a heat recovery system.

Mains cold water is supplied to the toilet, kitchen, cleaners and coffee machine points.  Local water heaters provide hot water to the appliances.  The canteen and cleaners sinks have waste water pumps.