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RMD Contracts Ltd replaced the existing constant temperature heating pumps within the boiler room with a new Grundfos UPSD 50‐120 F twin pump set. We also extend from the existing mains at low level within the ventilation plantroom new 50mm heating flow and return pipework to serve the new heater batteries within the new air handling unit.

The existing ventilation system was stripped out, including the two air handling units and humidifiers within the existing ventilation plantroom to a point at the wall where the new ductwork could be connected easily. This included removal of the existing fire dampers and replacement with new, all being easily accessible from within the plantroom.

We provide a new supply and extract air handling unit, mounted on the roof including volume control dampers to balance the system.

Fire dampers were provided on all ductwork penetrations through fire rated structure.

Thermal insulation was fixed to all new ductwork and pipework and covered in hammered aluminium cladding to provide a firm weatherproof protective coating.

RMD Contracts reviewed the exiting Honeywell BEMS and provided all necessary hardware, software, wiring, devices, programming etc to modify and extend the system to account for all changes to the existing plant and to incorporate all new plant and equipment. The BEMS provides time and temperature control for all heating and air handling plant. The existing control panel was modified to reflect the new plant installed. All redundant controls, indicators and were removed.

A new fully enclosed access ladder was installed at the side of the building complete with all necessary safety devices, half landing at 5m AFFL, lockable door at the entry position (able to be locked both internally and externally to the enclosure. The ladder system incorporates a full barrier system over the existing parapet on the roof to allow safe entry and exit onto the ladder away from the roof edge.