Co-operative Bank, Barnsley
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RMD Contracts installed a new metered distribution panel alongside the existing incoming supply to the bank along with a surge suppression unit. Submain circuits emanate to distribution boards located on each floor comprising XLPE/SWA/LSF cables on MRFL galvanised tray work. Sub circuit wiring was carried out using LSF T&E cables fastened to basket tray which is installed within the ceiling void throughout the building.

The provision of a containment system for the data contractor was installed comprising 150mm basket tray linking from the cabinet located on the 1st floor and to various points throughout the building as required.

Lighting and emergency lighting was installed throughout the bank.  The emergency lighting has been installed in accordance with BS 5266 PART 1 1999.  Exit signs and emergency luminaries are of non-maintained type and are either self-contained or amalgamated with the luminaries, with an emergency test key facility incorporated locally.

A TV aerial system has been installed and is capable of analogue and terrestrial digital signals.

A gas fired heating system serves all three floors of the building.  This comprises of the existing gas boiler located in the basement, new circulating pump with distribution pipework to the radiators. The two upper floors have steel panel radiators each with thermostatic valves to give local temperature control.

The banking hall is served from a heat pump located above the ceiling ducted to supply grilles in the ceiling.  This unit has the facility to heat or cool as required.  An electric heater provides an air curtain over the main entrance door. The internal offices have supply and extract air with heat recovery to temper the incoming air.

New sanitaryware has been installed throughout to complete the project.